Photo wallpapers offer

Photo wallpapers mean originality, amenity and efficiency. photo wallpapers are also an additional guarantee of high quality of workmanship and full satisfaction with services. We offer great photo wallpapers that are cut to the length and which pattern, format and quality of workmanship attract the eye and change each interior by imparting modern brilliance and fashionable imaginativeness to it.

Fleece wall mural

Fleece wall mural

Mat material, completely eco-friendly, easy to apply. Made of a composition of latex cellulose and interlining. Slightly fibrous surface makes the color saturation slightly subdued. Basis weight of 150 g/m2 You can wipe it off with a damp cloth. Application: paste it to the wall. Maximum width of a single sheet 150 cm

Destination: living room, bedroom, office, child’s room


Vinyl wall mural

Vinyl wall mural

Modern and all-purpose eco-photograph wallpaper of 190 g/m2. It was made of a combination of cellulose and interfacing. Its best advantage is a high saturation of printed designs, preserving matt surface at the same time. Safe for health, scentless and hygienically certified fabric, which does not contain polyvinyl chloride. It may be installed in hospitals, kindergartens and nurseries. The photo wallpaper may be cleansed with a wet cloth. Easy to install using the glue – Metylan Direct. The maximal width of one panel is 158 cm.

Destination: bedroom, living room, children’s room, office, hall, corridor


Laminated wall mural

Laminated wall mural

Laminated material, mat and very resistant. Easy to apply, resistant to scratches and chemicals. It has an interlining substrate, an overprint in a vinyl layer and an external mat laminate. It is recommended for a kitchen and a bathrooms or all places which are constantly exposed to dirt. Thick wall mural with a basis weight of 400g/m2. Application: paste it to the wall.Maximum width of a single sheet 158 cm

Destination: kitchen, bathroom, living, hall, walls which require strong protection.


Self-Adhesive wall mural Easy Stick

Self-Adhesive wall mural Easy Stick

Smooth material that can be quickly assembled, glued and detached multiple times and it has vivid colours. The polyester photo wallpaper with acrylic glue. It is best for very even walls and its characteristic feature is that it can be glued on the furniture and glass. The photo wallpaper can be washed with a lot of water. Assembly: self-adhesive. The maximal width of a single sheet is 150 cm.

Destination: living room, bedroom, corridor, office, child’s room


Additional information


A licence fee is added to each photo wallpaper (excluding photo wallpapers made from photos of yours). An average license fee fluctuates around £5.20.


We add 2 centimetres of material to each photo wallpaper. For example: a 200 cm wide photo wallpaper will be delivered in two 101 cm wide pieces. All our photo wallpapers are produced so as to be butted (edge to edge).