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Product is made beautifully and carefully. Packing…. Safe in 1000%, but an unpacking manual would be good. I have a reserve of a bubble wrap for 3 years.

Added 10-07-2014, by Joshua

Everything all right. I strongly recommend!

Added 03-07-2014, by Ellis

Great and helpful service. Express delivery. I strongly recommend!!!

Added 30-06-2014, by Brooke matthews

Everything went smoothly. Solid service. The photo wallpaper is very beautiful. It was secured for transport very well but shipping costs are slightly too high..

Added 27-06-2014, by MONI

Lovely photo wallpaper. Perfect service. I strongly recommend buying in this shop!

Added 27-06-2014, by Mariah Cook

According to my son... ‘super picture’:) I recommend 100%.

Added 27-06-2014, by Ruby Adams


Added 26-06-2014, by Rose Ali

Everything went well. I strongly recommend!

Added 25-06-2014, by Sabina

I strongly recommend! This beautiful wallpaper is already hanging on the wall! Service and delivery – as quick as lightning. I was positively surprised. Once again I strongly recommend.

Added 25-06-2014, by THOMAS

If all manufacturers acted so professionally, it would be very nice in the world.

Added 25-06-2014, by Amy

Everything in accordance with the order. The photo wallpaper is beautiful. Very good service. Fast delivery. I strongly recommend.

Added 24-06-2014, by Kai Miller


Added 21-06-2014, by Victoria Richards

I strongly recommend! The photo wallpaper is very effective and in conformity with expectations. Competent service.

Added 17-06-2014, by Lacey Edwards

Customer service, information about order execution progress, a possibility of tracking – all of that is great. I strongly recommend this company!

Added 13-06-2014, by Thomas KELLY

Wonderful photo wallpaper! Great contact. A product was sent in a safe packaging. I strongly recommend!!!

Added 12-06-2014, by Holly G

Great service, great product. I strongly recommend.

Added 11-06-2014, by EVA HUNT-PTAK

I strongly recommend. Everything went smoothly. Lovely photo wallpaper!!!

Added 06-06-2014, by Joshua

The New York photo wallpaper – super! The order was executed within one week, delivered in a hard tube. Thanks to that, the photo wallpaper wasn’t damaged during shipping. It gives a ‘wow’ effect when hung on the wall

Added 06-06-2014, by Amy Wieczorek

Super! Everything all right! it was supposed to be.

Added 06-06-2014, by Kamila

The photo wallpaper is beautiful and expressive. A big plus for contact and service. I’ve received it after 4 days.

Added 06-06-2014, by Kasia

My photo wallpaper is GREAT:) I strongly recommend... In spite of dimensions, the picture is perfect (pixels are invisible). I STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY RECOMMEND!

Added 05-06-2014, by Daisy

I strongly recommend!!! Great contact, consultancy and product, of course!!! :)

Added 04-06-2014, by Max

Perfect service. Beautiful photo wallpaper.

Added 03-06-2014, by Zoe

Everything went fast and smoothly. I strongly recommend.

Added 02-06-2014, by Jessica

With full responsibility, I strongly recommend. The photo wallpaper is in conformity with my expectations. It is beautiful. Great quality. A product was sent in a safe and beautiful packaging. Fast order execution. Best regards, Anna.

Added 31-05-2014, by Tyler

Sensational quality of the photo wallpaper! Very nice and professional cooperation. Fast order execution. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

Added 28-05-2014, by Mason

I’ve bought a poster. Its quality is sensational. Fast order execution. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Added 27-05-2014, by Henry

Great quality. I honestly recommend.

Added 22-05-2014, by MOTOSTAR

I am extremely satisfied and strongly recommend.

Added 19-05-2014, by Luke Sokol

In spite of big dimensions, stickers are made in great quality and resolution. Very good protective packaging.

Added 15-05-2014, by TOBY LLOYD

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