Fantastic quality and service! Definitely recommend to add something special to any room

Added 27-10-2015, by Steve

Photo looks great and dimensions perfect. Very happy

Added 27-10-2015, by Ian Scott

Photo Wallpaper looks GREAT! I'll be back ;)

Added 15-10-2015, by Johny K.

WOW! Photo wallpaper looks amazing! I totally recomend this shop :)

Added 15-09-2015, by Jessica

Photo wallpaper is amazing. Will look to do another wall. Quality is great.

Added 14-08-2015, by Graham Roberts

Photo wallpaper is awesome! Very high quality ;) I'll buy more!

Added 14-08-2015, by Carol

Beautiful, good quality, very good efect on the wall, I would sugest is could Demural offer to buy glue along with wallpaper. Packed superb, safe and easy to open. I will buy again. Recommend.

Added 27-06-2015, by Barbara Dobrzelecka

Website is better than competitors as you can browse, pick and upload tons of photos. Prices in line to slightly cheaper than competitors. Final product is of great quality, my wall looks stunning, very very happy.

Added 01-03-2015, by Julien Roch

I strongly recommend the photo wallpapers to everyone! I’ve already ordered three and each one is amazing;) As soon as I finish renovating rooms on the first floor, I order next photo wallpapers immediately! :) Warmest greetings!

Added 02-12-2014, by Leonard

My wife persuaded me to buy a living room photo wallpaper. I don’t regret that – it is just great! Now, I will persuade my wife to buy a bedroom photo wallpaper. It won’t be difficult after last purchase and seller’s help :)

Added 20-11-2014, by George

STUNNING, absolutly stunning, the internet pictures do not do the real thing justice, I am so pleased with my purchases, I thought I was being a little extravagant with the purchase of this mural and canvas print, but they were well worth the money. I am extremely pleased. The service was great too, I had a question, rung Demural and was put on track quickly and knowledgably. 5* service and product!

Added 12-10-2014, by Denise Rodgie

Beautiful picture! Exactly the same as I’ve ordered. But it is too small through fault of mine, so I will contact DEMURAL again really soon ;-)

Added 10-07-2014, by Eve

Product is made beautifully and carefully. Packing…. Safe in 1000%, but an unpacking manual would be good. I have a reserve of a bubble wrap for 3 years.

Added 10-07-2014, by Joshua

Everything all right. I strongly recommend!

Added 03-07-2014, by Ellis

Great and helpful service. Express delivery. I strongly recommend!!!

Added 30-06-2014, by Brooke matthews

Everything went smoothly. Solid service. The photo wallpaper is very beautiful. It was secured for transport very well but shipping costs are slightly too high..

Added 27-06-2014, by MONI

Lovely photo wallpaper. Perfect service. I strongly recommend buying in this shop!

Added 27-06-2014, by Mariah Cook

According to my son... ‘super picture’:) I recommend 100%.

Added 27-06-2014, by Ruby Adams


Added 26-06-2014, by Rose Ali

Everything went well. I strongly recommend!

Added 25-06-2014, by Sabina

I strongly recommend! This beautiful wallpaper is already hanging on the wall! Service and delivery – as quick as lightning. I was positively surprised. Once again I strongly recommend.

Added 25-06-2014, by THOMAS

If all manufacturers acted so professionally, it would be very nice in the world.

Added 25-06-2014, by Amy

Everything in accordance with the order. The photo wallpaper is beautiful. Very good service. Fast delivery. I strongly recommend.

Added 24-06-2014, by Kai Miller


Added 21-06-2014, by Victoria Richards

I strongly recommend! The photo wallpaper is very effective and in conformity with expectations. Competent service.

Added 17-06-2014, by Lacey Edwards

Customer service, information about order execution progress, a possibility of tracking – all of that is great. I strongly recommend this company!

Added 13-06-2014, by Thomas KELLY

Wonderful photo wallpaper! Great contact. A product was sent in a safe packaging. I strongly recommend!!!

Added 12-06-2014, by Holly G

Great service, great product. I strongly recommend.

Added 11-06-2014, by EVA HUNT-PTAK

I strongly recommend. Everything went smoothly. Lovely photo wallpaper!!!

Added 06-06-2014, by Joshua

The New York photo wallpaper – super! The order was executed within one week, delivered in a hard tube. Thanks to that, the photo wallpaper wasn’t damaged during shipping. It gives a ‘wow’ effect when hung on the wall

Added 06-06-2014, by Amy Wieczorek

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