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In a little room, in a big city

A little flat can be a big arrangement problem. How should we arrange small room to make it not only functional and comfortable, but also to make it seem bigger than it is in reality? It’s worth to try and use some optical illusions which can trick anyone’s eyes.

Small room
Author : Charles & Hudson

Logistics – a proper arrangement of furniture and additions – is the most important thing. This place has to look aesthetic and stylish, but also be comfortable. Let’s not forget about it at the stage of planning. Light – both natural and artificial emitted from bulbs – is a very important element. To get as much natural light as possible in any room, we should give up on heavy curtains and replace them with light blinds made from thin materials.

Indirect lighting

Photo wallpaper "Endless tunnel" - small room

As far as artificial lighting is concerned, it has to be arranged thoughtfully. One big lamp hanging sadly from the centre of the ceiling will be quite dispiriting. Some independent from each other sources of light will be a much better solution. This way, we will be able to model room’s appearance and shape it. Wall lamps or spot lighting placed in casing of doors, windows or even furniture will give a much better effect – it will provide a proper amount of light and create a unique atmosphere in the room.

Bright furniture, pastel walls

Small room
Author : TijsB

To make a small room seem bigger, we should think about bright furniture and pastel colours of walls. Even though we may be dark and toned-down colours lovers, we have to resign from them in a small flat. The darker a flat is, the more depressing and the less spacious it will be. Let’s try bright, wooden furniture and subtle pastel colours of walls. Thanks to that, even the smallest living room or antechamber will optically get some more square metres.

Big city lights

Photo wallapper "Empire State of Design" - Small room

If we want our room to get not only space but also depth, we should consider hanging a photo wallpaper. However, instead of an abstract picture or a depiction of still life, it’s worth to try a more monumental view. We can choose from hundreds of views of great metropolises, seen from a bird’s eye view, often accompanied by the setting sun. Those are not simple photographs, but real works of art, created by the biggest artists. The whole gives a truly staggering effect – even when browsed in our catalogue! Now, let’s imagine how amazing the given picture will look on the wall in our living room or bedroom. Nobody will be able to keep their eyes off it.

Space full of three-dimensional depth

Photo wallpaper "In the big city" - Small room

According to one’s preferences, we can choose historic Venice, Rome or Paris or a more modern view of the skyscrapers in New York, Shanghai or London. We can have it all without leaving our couch. With such a photo wallpaper, the interior will get three-dimensional depth. Even the smallest flat can get several dozen kilometres of space. In such a small room, we will feel comfortable and cosy. And when we get bored of one city, it can be replaced with another one.

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