Where the magic takes place - green photo wallpaper

Green oasis? Not only in your garden

Greenery in a house or in a flat is eye-friendly. It relaxes and calms us down as well. Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to tend and cultivate our favourite flowers. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to have an oasis of greenery in our houses. Greenery is defined in a number of ways – we are presenting grgeen photo wallpaper

An oriental oasis of peacefulness - Green photo wallpaper

Many people dream about a house with a garden. Only a few can actually fulfil this dream. Others have to settle for a balcony or domestic plants and have to cultivate them, water them regularly and dedicate their time. Fortunately, there is a way to have your own green oasis in a house, without surrounding yourself with live plants. Greenery on a wall. It’s not about a colour, but a high-quality wall mural. It will allow you to enjoy greenery when  you can’t afford to have a garden.

Greenery on a wall? No problem – Green photo wallpaper

In a subtropical paradise - Green photo wallpaper

Rainforest in a living room? A garden full of plants in a bedroom? It’s viable. By using wall murals, you will be able to decorate your house or flat with greenery that is impossible to be grown in our climate. Also, this greenery is so realistic that it can be more than only admired. It can be felt. If, for some reasons, you can’t have live plants in your house, consider choosing a wall mural with a floral theme. Maybe someone in your family is allergic to plants? Maybe your cat destroys and eats the plants that you want to grow? Having a green photo wallpaper, you can sleep peacefully. It will always be green, without watering and tending.

A forest and a meadow in a house

Spring among the grass - Green photo wallpaper

Green photo wallpaper will enliven your house, add some energy and introduce a positive atmosphere to it. A green wall in a living room will turn it into a perfect place for rest and relaxation in your own house. A forest or a meadow on a wall is a great solution for those living in the very centre of the city and don’t have an opportunity to commune with unadulterated nature every single day. A meadow full of flowers, a path leading deep into a forest or a real jungle will make you feel as part of nature. You don’t have to leave your house. Just sit on a couch and feast your eyes on a green wall.

Vividness which will never fade away

Plant’s freshness - Green photo wallpaper

Is a wall mural really a good alternative to real plants? With no a doubt. It has many advantages which can’t be provided by natural plants. It won’t wither orshrivel. Wall mural won’t gather dust and cause allergy. It will please the eye with its vivid green colour and three-dimensional effect for many years. Modern materials and professional workmanship guarantee that the material won’t fade in the sun and that it is resistant to mechanical damage and sunshine. If you get bored with sunny forest, you can easly replace it to green palms or a picture of a blossoming garden.

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