Inner harbour - sepia photo wallpaper

Sepia – an idea for an atmospheric room

People who arrange their houses or flats face a choice – many colours or black and white mood? However, there is much more to choose from. Sepia photo wallpaper is becoming more and more popular. It turns a simple picture into a small masterpiece with a unique atmosphere.

It tells the time - Sepia photo wallpaper

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a photo of people, landscapes, trees, flowers, still life, everyday objects, instruments or cars, sepia toning will always give it a completely different expression. Such a wall mural will surely be admired by people who love unconventional and original, but not necessarily innovative and modernistic solutions. A sepia tone will turn any room into an atmospheric place and give it an unusual dimension. It will work particularly well in rooms designed in a traditional, classical or retro style. Even the most banal object on a picture will look unique and brilliant thanks to it.

Sepia photo wallpaper gives a new expression to everyday life

A private fountain - Sepia photo wallpaper

It turns out that the lack of colours doesn’t mean that a room is going to lack expression. A sepia wall mural will make any wall unique. The lack of colours is replaced by hundreds of shades creating a unique play of light and shadow. Retro style lovers will surely love sepia toning. Thanks to this technique, any photo will look like it was taken decades ago. Pictures of great metropolises and small towns look great in a sepia tone and will make you want to stay in a room as long as possible. Landscapes and portraits of people are an interesting solution as well. The lack of colours will give your imagination a chance to show what it can do. You will be able to imagine the colour of the woman’s dress or of the car speeding on your wall and heading into the unknown sepia world.

The less noticeable background, the better

Wavy plate - Sepia photo wallpaper

To make a sepia effect really impressive, make sure that the remaining design elements aren’t gaudy. Colourful furniture, put together with a sepia colour on a wall, won’t work well. Toned-down colours and delicate pastels which highlight a sepia photo wallpaper will be a much better solution. This kind of photos work well in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. It will attract the eye and turn a banal room into an atmospheric place. Such character is unobtainable even with the use of a wide variety of colours.

Building the mood with shadow, not colours

Deer hunter - Sepia photo wallpaper

A sepia tone builds a mood of mystery and distance. It makes every object, person or building look like a misty dream full of unimaginable depth. If you want your room and its design to be distinctive, sepia is a great solution. The effect will surely surprise everybody, and the warm and smoky brown colour will create a pleasant and homely atmosphere, even in modern and soulless architecture.

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